The Treasurer can assist residents in searching the State of Ohio’s unclaimed funds list and filing with the Ohio Department of Commerce for those funds.  Unclaimed funds are assets that have been unclaimed or have become dormant for a specified period of time, from two to five years. 


    The State of Ohio holds these funds until their rightful owner claims them.  Some sources of unclaimed funds are:


    Inactive checking or savings accounts; uncashed checks; undelivered stock shares; uncashed insurance benefits; forgotten rent     

    and utility deposits; and safe deposit box contents. 


    The Department of Commerce has an agreement with county treasurers in Ohio to make that county’s unclaimed funds list available to the public.  The list is on file in the Treasurer’s office.  The Treasurer also makes the list available to the public at the county fair and upon request for community events.  Click Here to begin your online treasurer hunt!